Assignment #7 – Virus

When I had first read the announcement for the distance learning transition, I was pretty ecstatic thinking about all the bus fares I could save on- and of course, being able to sleep in and not have to deal with any socialization. My friends have been complaining about the hassle of suddenly having their classes become online courses but I think our class will move forward more smoothly, considering it was a hybrid to begin with. Quarantine honestly seemed like the ideal situation for someone like myself who don’t go out that much anyway.

With each passing day of quarantine though, there were less and less things to do and I soon grew restless. My parents had already prepared and stocked up on essential supplies the second they learned of the initial outbreak in Wuhan so I wasn’t too concerned about the ongoing war over toilet paper (seriously, guys?) but I definitely didn’t expect running out of stuff to do, everything is.. BORING. Quarantine sucks, all the boba places are closed and I’m sick of looking at my brother’s face at home.

The only good that has come out of this whole mess was the release of the new Animal Crossing game for the Switch: New Horizons. At least I can enjoy the blue skies and greenery in the game. The graphics are breathtaking and aside from owing a heck ton of debt to some capitalist racoon, it’s a rather relaxing game that I recommend to everyone in these oh such trying times. Pocket Camp is an animal crossing mobile game that’s free to start for those who don’t own a Switch; it has its own limitations but it’s still an enjoyable game where you can experience the simple pleasures of building your own campsite and inviting your favorite animal friends over. Just don’t forget to protect yourself!

2 thoughts on “Assignment #7 – Virus”

  1. Hey Slin ,
    From experience all my friends we so worried about having classes online too. I think I was happy due to it being my last semester and I am only taking 1 major class. I can totally agree….IM TIREDDDDD OF SEEING MY SIBLINGS FACES lol, but you know what we never been together like this since we were kids so I can appreciate the company only for a little. I hope you use this time as an advantage and stay safe out here from miss. rona. 🙂

    1. Well said! Im such an introvert, so I spend most of my time making art in my studio.. lol, however, now it seems like we are forced to be introverts and that gets weird! The game looks cool! Im going to check it out! Stay safe!

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