UGHHHH, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. With everything going on, it has taken a toll on everyone I believe. Staying at home is the best way to stay safe and for this virus to stop spreading around. With social media and the news it has been driving me insane and I’m scared and worried. This is a time where we need to be thankful for our health and the health of others we love. We need to be thankful and appreciate those who are risking their lives to help others such as doctors, nurses, etc. We also need to appreciate those working at supermarkets and restocking food for us. We may be inside but there are others who must go to work. Keeping yourself occupied while being at home is important. You don’t want to feel unmotivated and lazy you want to make something out of your long days lol. Somethings I do that have been helping me cope with anxiety, stress are home workouts. Getting up and stretching and moving around helps. Another thing I’ve been doing is catching up with friends and family, coloring also is therapeutic I find.  Catching up with online assignments and still being active is important not only for your body but your mind.

I know a lot of people are desperate and concerned with money and their jobs because the bills still need to be paid. We need to reflect and value on the things we have that many don’t or are struggling. Hopefully we can stop this pandemic and we can all go back to our daily lives. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE.



2 thoughts on “QUARANTINE TIME”

  1. Hey Mbatt12,
    I agree we need to thank those like nurses and doctors, nurse assistants and transit workers, truck drivers, and those who work in the stores we buy supplies from. There are so many people who was effected from this virus, and I know people who lost their grandparents due to it. It is a very sad situation and we need to take precaution. With that being said yes, staying home is the best way, but we cannot idle that will dive one into depression. I say the only reason one should go out is to get fresh air, or to take a jog around your neighborhood. It not only helps with physical health, but with mental health as well. Stay safe out here ! 🙂

    1. Great meme to illustrate this! Oh man.. as Timmy weighed in, we are home bound, staying safe and taking precautions. Im going to get a little air outside myself, but its minimal and by myself, taking it all in stride, stay safe!

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