The CORONA VIRUS!!!!! SHEESH. Where do I start. What I want to say is that nothing changes if you was doing the right thing from the start; meaning washing your hands often, using disinfectant wipes and wiping down your items, eating your fruits and vegetables . These are things I was doing before the corona virus, and these are ways to prevent from getting sick.

Before they announced this lock down, I still did my regular routine now that we are stuck in the house Iv’e been doing a lot of reading, studying, spending time with family,etc..

I think with the help of social media and the news it makes this situation more hyped up. I don’t think anyone has experienced anything like this in their life. We’re living in a historical time right now, this is also a spooky time but at the same time like everything else this too shall pass.

As far as classes go, this is already a hybrid class so I’m not worried about this class at all. For my other classes things we’re using blackboard collaboration ultra and I’m trying to get used to it but champions adjust so ill get through it. Let’s go Ct101. We’ll end out the semester strong.



One thought on “RONA”

  1. Hey ttait613,
    I love how you are being so positive about this situation. This was also weird to hear people are now realizing that washing your hands is essential. Like who doesn’t do that on the regular, but this is a rude awakening for them. While reading your post it mad me happy, because it is just so much positive vibes, and just looking and the glass half full which is what I am trying to also do. Stay safe! 🙂

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