COV-19 Pandemic

I’ve never been more nervous about anything in my life. Standing by and watching every annoucement made by Gov Cuomo , Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump has hightened my anxiety and brought back my insomnia.

As a recent breast cancer survivor (yay!!!)  It’s nerve racking to hear that this virus can critcally harm individuals like myself with weak immune systems and pre-exsisting conditions. My immune system is not strong and everyday I’m constantly working to rebuild it to what it was before chemotherapy and radiation.

While watching Trumps speech yesterday , it was horrifying to learn that Millennials in Italy are in ICU due to the Cornoavirus. New reports are showing that this virus is not just critical to elderly individuals.

Here is the article :

U.S. official says data show severe coronavirus infections among millennials, not just older Americans

We all need to aware that this disease can effect us or our loved ones no matter how ” strong ” we think our immue systems are or how old we are.

This virus has impacted my semester tremendously . I’m happy that City officals made the call to close schools. I was terrified to enter York while this pandemic is taking place.

I’m very upset that it has taken Gov Cuomo and President Trump so long to shut the city down. The proper precautions were not taken to limit the spread of this outbreak and now we are dealing with a catastrophe .


It is interesting to see how many Professors are not ” tech savvy” . As long as we keep communication open and continuous with Professors, I believe this semester will go smoothly.

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