The Coronavirus is a virus that I can personally say changed the way we are living right now.  This virus took everybody out of school, work and most importantly out of their right state of mind.  Since there is no cure for the virus all anybody can do is find ways to prevent themselves from getting contaminated.  The government has no real answers for us either and honestly, I believe this is what is scaring people the most.  All people are being told to do is stay in their houses and self quarantine.  The government has also told us that this epidemic could last up to 12 weeks and they seem unsure about that answer they gave.  With school being strictly online now, this is very different from what I’m used to.  I really don’t feel comfortable with learning through a computer screen cause I don’t feel like I am learning the way i need to as well as becoming distracted time to time.  I’m going to try as hard as I can to try and stay focused during these online sessions but I can already tell it will be difficult.  But with how serious this disease is it is best that we all take the proper precautions to stay safe and learning online is the only way people can stay on track with school and stay healthy.  With this being said, I hope everybody stays safe and takes the proper precautions to keep themselves healthy.  Stay Corona Free Everybody!!!!!

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