Life Update! (Covid-19)

During the first few days of staying home due to the recent epidemic of Covid-19, I felt like I was slowly going insane.

Being the person I am, I need to interact with other and be outside. I need SOCIAL INTERACTION!!! Being with my friends is always a great time. Doing that makes me feel alive(as corny as that sounds). But it is true.

But during this week, I felt way better than I did the first few days. I have finished a show on Netflix. I had a math test… I even did other assignments for my classes and I didn’t really feel stressed out, which is weird to me because I usually procrastinate.                                                                                                  This has impacted my semester for a few reasons. 1) Its more of a hassle for my professors and I to do all this extra work online. 2) The lack of social interaction, like I mentioned before. Lastly 3) This semester was going to be the last one for a couple of my friends and it really sucks that we won’t be able to spend it together.

I don’t really bad feelings about moving forward this way in CT101 because Professor Ryan is doing his absolute best to make it work out for everyone and I really appreciate that.

I’ll like to end this post with a SONG.

Its not so fun staying indoors. But this song made it feel bearable.


3 thoughts on “Life Update! (Covid-19)”

  1. I know what you mean. Home quarantine is basically mean home prison. At the beginning i was excited thinking it will be fun staying home, but never realized it will this much boring. Yet we all have to maintain social distance for the sake of our family, friends and even our neighbor.

  2. I know right! I feel you coz I like to socialized with people too. it is weird to see what happened to us now days. I am not a person who watch Netflix I ended up open an account and found some great shows to watch.

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