Assignment #7 Copyright

I watched the TEDTalks video that was presented by Larry Lessig “Laws that choke creativity”. It is a very interesting topic that discussed the issues of copyright, and he shared three stories like the talking machine, the airplanes, and broadcasting to support his argument for reviving our creative culture.

His main idea is to acknowledge the fact that copyright battle is not new, it has been a struggle for a long time when people did not have internet. For example, a farmer filled a lawsuit against an airplane that trespassed his farm, luckily, the judge did not think that it makes sense to stop airplanes from traveling, if they had stopped airplanes from traveling, then we wouldn’t have been able to travel around the world and our culture wouldn’t have evolved.

This is one of the stories, I will not go through each one, but the point is that copyright is creating difficulty to be creative by using other people’s work and make it expand to something bigger. Lessig is a lawyer, his plan is to go to the government to try to solve this conflict by suggesting that artists and creators have to agree and work by making their work available, but not for commercial use. However, the plan did not work.

I think that it is more complicated than we think because the copyright has its cons and pros, people want to protect the work that they create, but it could also avoid a great impact of the use of their work.

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