COVID 19 – CORONA 2020

Few weeks back as I was chilling on my couch in my living room, my dad was listening to his news as usual. I heard something that said “Corona Virus” for the first time. In my head, I thought of it to be a weird name & thought about Corona in Queens for some reason.

I could just think back to bird flu or zika virus when I heard that. To me, it was any virus. Soon after, people started to stereotype Chinese people. Living in Flushing, I was told by friends to not drink bubble tea or dine in at Asian restaurants.

It was very stereotypical of them & I truly believe that we are globally affected by this pandemic…


and one shouldn’t stereotype a group of people like Mr.President called it the “Chinese Virus”. SAY WHAT?!



As CUNY shut down, and work began to be online I realized the severity of the virus. People from all over the world started to be affected by it. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about sleeping in or sad about not seeing coworkers or friends.


I had gone to Canada to visit my sisters for two weeks & returned back in four days as the great Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau decided to shut borders. Visited some empty malls because I mean who doesn’t like a quick checkout at the register without being on the line.



As an extrovert it’s quite a challenge for me to be staying home. My quarantine routine consists of washing hands 24/7 for no reason, laughing off my paranoia & sorrows by watching funny memes on corona virus and using my hand sanitizer despite washing my hands 100 times a day. I’ve started to cook delicious meals at home & my social distancing involves FaceTiming people & constantly texting them. Oh not to forget binge watching television when I can.

My daily routine also consists of reciting my morning & evening prayers for protection because as a strong believer I truly believe that we need to connect to the Supreme Being- Almighty God for help in such times. I’ve also been taking black seeds (a Prophetic cure for anything besides death according to Islam) black seeds really help in boosting one’s immunity & I am also taking vitamin C pills for that.

My introvert friends are truly having the time of their lives right now and this is dedicated to all of them :

                        VS me and my extroverts :







Mom & dad always set curfews for us & now we all panic a little inside when they leave the house :










P.S : I had a mini test at the airport don’t worry I don’t have the virus (at least not yet and hopefully not).

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