I never knew that this would happen in the world right now, it seems so unreal. Hundreds of people with the disease, people dying because of it. Possibly, even a lockdown, this is so much to take in. Going out scares everyone now, people stacking up on groceries and supplies, leaving supermarkets empty. This is unbelievable, I think social media is hyping up the disease more than it should be. It is scary, going out and not knowing if you could catch the corona disease. I was happy school was closed, but for the whole semester? I didn’t even want that, this is so much pressure for teachers, which I feel bad. Of course, we all are going to learn how to use the internet for our work, but it’s so sudden…I really hope this blows over at least by the end of summer. I do like online courses, only because I don’t have to get up early to go out. Safety guys! Make sure you wash your hands, try tower gloves and masks. It does affect older people and people who travel more, so try not to travel. I know the flights are beyond cheap right now, but who wants to take that chance to come back with corona?? Stay home if you can!

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