COV-19 — Week 8

I don’t really know what to make of COV-19 other then the widespread panic I hear and see on the news and in public. I see many stores sold out on essentials such as hand sanitizers, face masks, and people stocking up on food like a plague is going on. A whole box of 50 disposable face masks which use to cost like 5-10 dollars now would probably cost you about 50 dollars or something which is insane. I was quite excited to see that they were closing down schools and going fully online but now I am unsure as to weather that is a good thing.

Many people appear to be staying home and doing online classes or working at home during this COV crisis.

When you travel to places out in public you will probably see signs that tell you to maintain good hygiene because that is pretty important now.

I hope everyone stays safe and has a good rest of the semester! Just remember to maintain good hygiene and you’ll be fine but don’t overdo it!

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