Concerns for COVID-19 pandemic

I do not know why, I might be the one of the most concern person about this COVID-19 pandemic. I am also so much active in social media, in fact: in this class too. To create some awareness about COVID-19 pandemic. I have been posting regarding COVID-19 pandemic in this class from the beginning of the semester, this might be my 5th blog post concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

New York City is far behind of it’s preparation for this pandemic. The initiative they are taking now, they should have taken them from January or February when they saw how bad the situation was in China. That way they could have saved many Americans lives.

Finally, in March 9 American official and politicians has realizes it’s severity. But to me as American citizen, it is already too late. The main reason why our officials has delayed the whole process is our presidents undermining this pandemic. Because of our presidents negligence, the federal government did not took any initiative to prepare America to fight this pandemic. Now after 4 months when this COVID-19 pandemic is spread to the all the 50 states, they are now taking primary step towards it, such as ordering for medical equipment.

American President is treating its citizens like how a greedy factory owner treats its workers. He did not allocated any budgets to the states to prepare for this pandemic, just because he did not wanted to spent federal budget. Not realizing that this not a factory, it is a country. The citizens of this country paying their taxes to get these services from the government. Not to just spent all to money to war against the world. Till last Monday, he was falsely claiming that COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Then when it’s went out of control now he is accepting the fact that it is not under control. How stupid is that? Is it what we should expect from a President? Did any Citizen deserve to die or deserve to suffer from disease just because their president is a negligent or ignorant??

American citizens are also not playing much of a responsible role towards preventing COVID-19 pandemic. Now that US officials has urging to citizens to maintain social distance and few states declared shelter in place in other words lock-down. The Washingtonpost has published an article how people are still gathering in beaches in the San Francisco.

My another concern is what is our New York officials are still neglecting to take hard action to prevent this pandemic. Total 9000 of infected in the USA, almost half of it in NY, yet our Governor Andrew Coumo still not considering to place the shelter in place order. I am thinking now, how many people he wants dead before he realize how severe this pandemic is.

Finally, my appeal to my fellow class mates, please take this seriously. Do not go out side unless you have to, avoid all the social gathering, was your hands and face frequently. Stay safe and keep your family safe and healthy. And please pray for me, as a city employee I have to go to work, as Governor still has not decided to shutdown the mass transit system.

May god bless America, may god bless us all.


  1. Hi,
    I know that this virus is very serious and we need to take it seriously.
    I read on a newspaper that “Out of the 4,152 positive COVID-19 cases in New York state, 2,469 of those are in New York City.” . This is a huge number for the governor to realize that this virus is very dangerous and it spreads quickly. He needs to take an action now, but I think he is waiting for mortality rate to increase so he can take an action.

    1. yes, this thought is making mad. Governor Andrew Cuomo is playing with New Yorkers life. But thank you Zandani, for understanding my concern. stay safe.

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