CopyRight Laws

For this week of CT101, I was able to learn and analyze the laws of copyright and how people are affected by the law if they use it without permission. The rights of copyrights seem to be a slippery slope as they are some loopholes on how people can take a sample of a particular work whether it is from a song, video, writing piece, and much more.

In some cases, the samples that are used by others and not the original owners are mostly edited within a platform that this other person is using it for. Sometimes people could give credit to the owners but that is not the case all the time.

Additionally, some people have faced a lawsuit in which the owner believes that another person violated/copy their work without permission and they should receive the profit of the money and attention that the person is receiving for their work. However, one interesting fact I did not know about copyright was the ten-year condition in which after ten years that an artist or an individual release their work, it is free to use for the public domain. It is open to others to “sample” their work to make their own creation and materials. Then again, this ten-year condition has loopholes around them as well.

One factor that remains true amongst the information and videos I seen from the class lesson was that every piece of work is a sample, recreation, and manufacture before an individual released it. No work is really original and each person must copy others to make their creation.

Lastly, I learn even more factors of copyright laws after watching this video about fanfiction in which I thought was very interesting to watch.

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