Assignment #6 [Copyright Conversation]

The video that I watched that related to copyright was “Everything is a Remix”. I specifically watched the star wars one simply because of the fact that I am a complete nerd in every single way. After watching it I completely related to it. To sum up everything that was in the video, it talks about the idea that everything we do or make, as a society, affects us, as individuals, in a way that inspires us to make something “new”. I say “new” in quotations because in my opinion it is hard to  create something that is 100% new and original. I also personally think that new and original ideas are often accidents in the sense that they are completely spontaneous and cannot be forced. This is something that I see a lot of as a nerd and is something that I talk about with friends. Another thing of note that I realized and something that was reinforced after I watched the video is that two or more people can have the same general idea but can take that idea in different directions. Here are some examples:

Image result for spider man 2099 Image result for batman beyond

On the the left is a picture of “Spider-Man 2099″(Marvel) and the right is “Batman Beyond”(DC). These characters are similar in the fact that they both a future variant version of Spider-Man and Batman respectively. Although both these characters are very similar at first glance in both concept and design, Marvel comics and DC comics didn’t intend this at all and both comic book publishers gave their character unique abilities and a unique origin in order to stand out amongst a wide variety of super heroes and villains.

Image result for goku Image result for superman

On the left is Goku from “Dragon Ball” created by Akira Toriyama on the right is Superman from DC comics. Both are all powerful heroes. Both are one of the only remaining remaining survivors of the alien planet which was destroyed. Both landed on earth as a baby in a space pod. Both care deeply for their remaining family and friends. However one noticeable difference between the two is that Superman has a secret identity and must balance his two lives while Goku isn’t afraid to show people what he’s capable of so long as he can make friends with them after.

Image result for thanos with gauntlet                Image result for darkseid

On the left is Thanos(Marvel comics) and on the right is Darkseid(DC comics). Both are super villains who are insane and have gone mad with power. Both have massive armies behind them. Both are extremely ruthless. However, in the comics, Thanos seeks universal destruction to prove himself to the literal embodiment of death, Lady Death, and win her affection while Darkseid seeks universal domination and control by any means necessary.

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  1. I like your post as it is informative and I definitely agree with the point being made of characters being ripped off each other and how they usually look alike and act alike.

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