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Anywho, I wanted to talk about the assignment at hand: Copyright and Fair Use. My current understanding is that a piece of copyrighted material whether it be a book, song, or movie, if to be used by someone who isn’t the copyright owner, has to be transformative in some type of way. I guess the tricky thing is, something being accepted as “transformative” can be subjective to whoever is viewing the work.

So what can be considered “transformative”?

In my opinion, for something to be transformative is has to teaching something totally different, or creating a whole new project with some form   of inspiration while not relying too heavily on the original content at hand.

I decided to watch the video Everything is a Remix. I’m happy I watched this video because I love videos that break down into the details about different movies. If you also chose this video and enjoyed it, a Youtube Channel that I recommend  is Cinema Sins. They point out little inconsistencies/errors throughout a movie’s plot or shots and things like that. It’ll be the smallest details they point out, for example like a movie character saying it’s 4:45PM but in the next shot the clock is at 2:10PM. Like, STUPIDLY minuscule details. It’s quite entertaining.

One thing that I found interesting in the video is the formula they put forth for the current “remix culture” that has consumed many movies that have come out over the years, dating back as early as the 80’s. The process of copying a theme, idea, or visual that currently exists (in this case it would be  those in movies), transforming that idea into a whole new idea or theme, and then combining the two. They also present the current issue with many “remixed” movies in that they focus too heavily on copying and not transforming, so in the end the movie be seen an unoriginal, predictable, and overall just really stale.

Which in turn, makes US movie watchers be like

A video that I want to recommend is one from a favorite Youtuber of mine, Mista GG.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvsP4VtfT60&w=560&h=315]

In the video, Mista GG talks about what’s going on in the TCAP community on Youtube. TCAP stands for To Catch A Predator, the NBC show that featured Chris Hansen catching men that tried to engage in inappropriate behavior with minors. The men were caught through the use of sting operations, in which the men thought they were meeting up with minors with the intent of some sexual activity. The show had a few seasons and sting operations were held in various different states. In the video, Mista GG goes on to talk about how Chris Hansen and his team of partners were systematically striking down certain youtuber’s videos and even some of their channels by claiming false copyrights on their videos. It’s a pretty interesting video that I recommend for anyone interested in Youtube sphere of fair use and copyright.

Or if you wanna just show Mista GG (or CinemaSins) some love, that’s cool too

FYI *there is come cursing throughout the video so if you’re not into that, this video may not be for you*


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