Be vigilant, don’t panic. Corona pandemic fact.

I would like to start my writing with a prayer to all: “May peace be upon you. may god project us from all kind of illness.”

I know our regular life style is been effected due to this new pandemic, it is all for our own safety and well being. We will respect and follow instructions of our specialists.


But please make sure we don’t start blame game, and start attacking people thinking they are responsible. No human-being would try to cause a virus, it is just regular virus spread just like other viruses Ebola, or Spanish-flu etc.

I know this virus started from China, but this does not mean that Chinese people are responsible for this.

This giffy amazingly portrait how fast this virus can spread. So the best way to stop this virus is to stay isolated as much as possible.

Fun fact is that, corona beer also has nothing to do with corona virus ha ha ha. So feel free to drink if you are used to.

We will still fight this virus in other ways without blaming each other. If we stick together, we will get through this pandemic.



Hopefully we will meet soon. Till then, stay home as much possible, stay safe.

May god bless everyone. God bless the world.


3 thoughts on “Be vigilant, don’t panic. Corona pandemic fact.”

  1. I really enjoy this post because it involves all we learned so far in this semester while shedding light and some humor on the current situation affecting the world. I read a quote somewhere that said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” and I think this quote is very fitting because *hopefully* Coronavirus passes soon and future classes can look at this post to get a better understanding of how we felt during this phase of our lives. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!

    1. Thank you Kaytlin, you comment means a lot to me. It is gonna inspire me so much. Hope all of us remain healthy.

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