Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity

For this assignment when i heard about that panoramic picture. i was interested because i had done before but that was not perfect so i will have more experience  while doing the panoramic picture. Basically,we need to make two groups and  take at least three picture. After so many attempt  we  got our first picture.

while we are taking the first picture we made lot of mistake. The picture did not come properly after few attempt than we stopped for a moment to know how to get exact picture. We tried some examples to get a perfect picture. finally i think we got not perfect one but at least we can tell that is panoramic picture. as you can see in the first picture we were talking  than we had huge fights though we all were laughing and making comments on each other while taking the panoramic after all that we make out at the end. For me that was nice moment we all had.

On the second picture , as you can see we went to library to get the second picture. In this picture,it shows one side some are forced to reading books and looking for books since we have to finish our assignments. Also, another side we having fun at the library  after finishing our assignment.

The last picture we had taken outside York College shows that on the right side we were waiting for CT101 Class and also enjoying the weather. On the left side we are running  to the class because we did not notice we are getting late also excited for going to CT101 class .

Overall, we did Amazing job. i just enjoyed a lot while doing this assignment . This was really helpful for me and also i have got to meet with nice classmates.


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