Two Sided One View

So, yea this group project required patience. Before getting into our groups we did the panoramic picture in class and professor, you made it look so easy. Let’s talk about the first stop we made:

Looks like we did our thing right? We did… After 10 tries. This was probably the hardest one, being that the room was so small, so when you tried to run behind the person taking the picture we didn’t make it in time. We spent so much time in there trying to figure it out.

This is how the pessimistic ones in the group (me being one) were acting, like “let’s leave were wasting time.” We almost gave up on the music room but thanks to the positive members in our group we pushed through and it turned out good. Once we got the hang of the panoramic picture we started to have some fun with it.

This one was our last stop and was unplanned which makes it my favorite. Originally we were on our way to the Atrium but walking past this open space we couldn’t resist. We took this idea from the examples that was shown in class, done by other groups in prior classes. We tried to make it look like a realistic reaction from one group to the other by pointing at each other. We did four different pictures in four different locations.

And we still managed to finish with 20 mins to spare!

2 thoughts on “Two Sided One View”

  1. Hey ttait613,
    Love the last picture! It came out so smooth, the lighting was perfect, and the space looks great. Trying to create a realistic reaction from one group to the other by pointing at each other was a good idea. This makes the picture more interesting for the viewer. It gives them something that they can create in their head. Overall well done to you and your group. 🙂

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