Panorama Week 6

For the week 6 assignment we have been assigned to do a panoramic picture. I was interested when Ryan told us about panoramic pictures because I never really take pictures and it’s new to me.

The first picture was taken at the atrium which depicts us talking, fighting, and then making up. The picture goes from left to right so it starts off with all of us talking. The picture goes on to depict a fight scene thats about to start with everyone about to kill each other. The last scene depicts everyone making up and talking to each other.

The second picture depicts everyone at the library. All the way to the left everybody is reading a book because they are forced to since a professor assigned them a reading assignment. The last scene on the right depicts everyone throwing up their books and celebrating because they are happy that they don’t have to read the boring book since they finished.

The last picture we took was outside York College and depicts a scene of everybody rushing to class. The reason why everyone is running to class is up to you. Everyone could be running because they are playing a game to see who could reach the class first or they could be running because they are actually about to be late.

The assignment was pretty fun and interesting because I learned something new and got to meet some nice people.


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