Panorama Clones

So for this assignment, Ryan made up the class break intro groups so we can take pictures using the Panorama camera effect on our phones. Not gonna lie when I first found out that we were going to be taking pictures and working with groups at first I was like

But when my group and I formed and we started brainstorming for ideas and it wasn’t so bad. At first we came up with this complicated idea of taking one panorama photo depicting us and our feelings for each of the days. It sounded like a good idea until we actually tried it and we all looked at each other with confusion

We had to think outside of the box while still remaining practical for the assignment at hand. It soon became understood by all the group mates that assignment would take trial and error before we found something that we all liked.

This was our finishing product:

This picture was supposed show us playing a game of rock-paper-scissors and tbh I think this shot came out pretty dope. There isn’t too much warping in the ceiling or flooring so it looks believable. Also you get the far shot down the rest of the hallway. This assignment was fun because we all had to utilize our minds and clever camera tricks to make this picture possible.

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