My group and I stared off having a wonderful idea to create a photo showing how we feel each day of the week. Long story short….we failed, but it’s okay. We came up with something else after many….many…..MANY trials. We ending up creating a photo of a rock, paper, scissors tournament. I was the photographer. Now I think many people don’t realize that this is probably the hardest job. You gotta make sure you don’t mess up, because it just makes more work for everyone. Gotta make sure you don’t move or shake or the photo won’t come out wrong, so I felt a lot of pressure. Well here is what we cam up with..                                                                                 We went around many parts of the school, and ended up using a spot on the third floor. As you can see I messed up a little, but the overall photo is supposed to give off a story that a very intense game going on. Overall my groups ended up doing a wonderful job and we did the thing!

2 thoughts on “Pano-Project”

    1. I thought that this concept was really cool, I wonder how everyone was able to get their positions so quickly. I know how the pano option works on the Iphone so I know that a lot of thought went into this. When I look at this I see the two situations and I thought it was well executed well.

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