How BIG or small can we go with digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling can go a loooooooong way. From something as BIG a movies or something more smaller  and much less complex such as meme’s. 

For this assignment I picked 2 assignments from the University of Mary Washington DS106 assignment repository. The first one I choose was “Are we there yet?”. This assignment required me to take an image and change the concept in where I am and  what I am doing. I choose this, because 1…. it seemed easy and 2…I could really express what I was going through with a good ole’ classic meme.



Now if you have not experienced this yet in college I’m going to spill the beans so listen up.…… THERE WILL BE ONE SEMESTER WHERE YOU WILL HAVE A BOZO IN YOUR GROUP!  (No seriously)  So, these are the 2 meme’s I came up with to express how I feel this….very…..moment.







Now try and guess how I’m feel




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