Assignment #5 panoramic pictures

I was excited about learning how to make this type of pictures, I always knew I had this feature on my phone, but I never knew how to use it. It was a good class that taught us how to make new experiences taking pictures.  Our group had fun taking these pictures, we even wanted to continue taking more pictures around the campus if we had time. I liked how this project made me interact with new people in my class that I never talked to before our common interest was taking pictures and be creative with it.

We took four pictures: with

I took this picture for my teammate. I suggested going to this place because it had a nice drawing on the wall. I really like this painting, everyone that ever came with me to visit the college like my relatives and friends, I take them to see this art and I take pictures of them in front of it, I wish I knew how to use this feature in my phone because I was never able to take a full picture of it. Here are some pictures I took in the past for my friends that came for a visit with me.

I have more pictures with the same background that I been taking for the past 4 years lol.

The other pictures our team took that I also really like:

It was a fun experience going around the campus taking pictures and be creative, we want more fun projects like this one.

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