Together we’re stronger

Here is our panorama guys. It’s looks awesome to me.

This is one of our group picture where we tried to portray three stages of a relationship. First when a men and women meet and then in middle they fell in love and at the end they created a barrier in their relationship. I know it is might not perfect but not bad for first try.

I will not talk much about the picture, because I felt something else that time when Professor splits us in groups and send us outside. This was our 6th week of class and surprisingly I didn’t know any of our class mates name. But that day when we 7 of us went out side and we were trying to do something and discussing about ideas. In between we got familiar with each other and now I know almost everyone’s names.

So I think grouping things are awesome and together we can do some amazing things that alone we cannot.
so this time my hashtag will be




3 thoughts on “Together we’re stronger”

  1. Hey hoque2020,
    What a great idea with the relationship one. It was nice to see that one group was able to get three different photos in one picture. It came out really nice, and it was giving a visual of what relationships could be. Overall good job with this project. 🙂

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