Are memes art?

With today’s society, I think memes have become a huge part of how an individual expresses themselves, it helps an individual show they feel. As time goes, technology is growing rapidly and especially with really advanced apps and machines. With the media, memes are an impact in the online world. I really enjoy memes. It is a way for me to let someone know how I feel without having to say anything. Art is considered a way to express emotion and feeling. You can be very creative with memes because each person interprets art in a different way. This is why I feel memes are considered art. Memes are expressions within an image. 


2 thoughts on “Are memes art?”

  1. I agree with you. Memes are now being use by a way of expressing one’s feelings, emotions and also just for fun. Nowadays, we also notice how memes are being used in political campaigns.

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