2 LIT 2 Quit!!!

Amongst this week of CT101, I was granted the opportunity to create a story by using the panoramic feature on our smartphones in the camera’s preferences. Honestly, at first, I was not too excited about taking and posing for a panoramic picture since I believe panorama, to be a very wide photo that a person would have to increase the size of to analyze who and what is happening the photo. I honestly thought it was an unnecessary feature that I could do without being a part of or experience in my life.

Although, as my professor assigned my class into small groups, my group decided to go outside to take our photo. Once I was outside, I instantly began to develop different ideas that we could do to take a photo and make it look as cool as possible. So much a person who did not care too much about this feature. Am I right?

Anyway, as my group and I was thinking of ideas of where to take the picture and have enough time to run behind the cameraman while posing for the other side of the picture; my group and I were coming up with different concepts of what our photo would be about.  We discussed concepts like being the “rebels” or “the outsiders” of the school and came up/borrowed title names like “2 Cool 4 Skool,” “2 lit 2 Quit,” and many more.

Overall, the experience with working with the panoramic feature was much more fun than what I intended it to be and for that, I am so shocked.  Maybe for future references, I will use the feature panorama more often to have a new sense of style and appropriation when it comes to photos.

3 thoughts on “2 LIT 2 Quit!!!”

  1. Hmm 🤔. Looks like you guys did good by going outside. We were too scared of cold weather ☺️☺️ Couldn’t step out.

  2. After reading your post, I have some feedback to give on the project as to how the project did come out right and as expected, and how the blog post captures your perspective on the assignment. Which is good to be transparent. This post does inspire me to do more things like this because the panoramic feature can do a lot more and we can get even more creative.

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  3. Love the post, and happier to know the exercise changed your mind about the “pano” feature! I felt a similar way when I first discovered it, I also love the comments here too!

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