Week5|Assignment: DS106 Repository

The DS106 repository is a site that contains projects that people from all over the world have provided for anyone that wants to do them. For this assignment i have chosen the google draw something assignment and the reacts assignment. I have chosen the react and draw assignments because they seem pretty fairly easy to do. For the google draw something you don’t really need to learn anything as anyone of any drawing level can do it. I believe the reacts assignment would require some knowledge in creating gifs but it isn’t impossible for a beginner. I believe doing around 6-8 projects this semester would be beneficial in order to learn and build upon story telling skills and using new skills to create them. Learning new skills are important because I believe learning new things is great.

Meme for CT101 Collab

This is the meme I created for the CT101 collaboration…



    1. Hi Ryan! I hope your having a great week. Yes, you are correct those links should be hyper-links and I have remedied that. Thank you for pointing that out and I hope you have been doing well.

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