Assignment #5

Panoramic Picture:

In order to take the panoramic picture, we had a cameraman in place while all of us placed ourselves in position to pose for the picture. We had taken two panoramic pictures as seen below and took them on two different settings on campus. We just used a built-in feature in our phone camera to take the picture from one side of the environment to the other side of the environment in slow motion. When this process was in effect, the cameraman stopped shooting us and waived at us to go behind and around him to pose for the second part of the panoramic picture, in which he started to film again from the point at which he stopped, in order to get our newer pose.



  1. Hey jaspreet123,
    Cool photos. It gives me student vibes. Your groups idea of using a big open space made the picture that much more interesting to look at. It is so many different stories you can create with that one photo. The the second photo you guys took makes it look like you guys went into two different locations when really it was one big open space. That one was my favorite, and overall good job with this project. 🙂

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