Panoramic Pictures

Panoramic Pictures

This Panoramic picture was taken at The fine art gallery York college, located at the first floor across from Public Safety Office. We observe various awesome painting expose at the place. it such a nice collection of arts place together. In the picture, on the left side i was pointing at the TV screen and on the right side , i was looking the painting of the this nice couple.

This picture was taken at the piano room (ll03) located at the lower level York College. The left side of the picture, we was having a conversation regarding the piano lesson. whereas the right side, we was relaxing a bit.

This the Rink at Rockefeller center,Manhattan NY. This Pano picture was taken on December 25th 2017 at night time, around 10 PM. As you can see, there is a long line from the bottom to the top stairways waiting for the ice to be ready. They are still in session until April 19th in case you want to the a trip there. Here is the link  in case you decide to go! It’s fun !!!

Panoramic pictures are the best!


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