Pano story

Had the bougie fur coat on, a nice turtle neck shirt with my modest yet classy skirt, I show up to class and Professor goes like aight we out takin a pano picture find your group mates.

I was so unexpectedly picture ready. In the first round of picture, I decided to stand, flaunting my fur coat and in the next I chose to sit.
It took our classmate (photographer) and us to figure out how the whole pano thing would work as some of us were slightly new to it. We took a trial round and then figured out our positions and poses. 
In round 2, as I was more comfortable with my poses I decided on spot as to how I will pose and voila there I am this time slightly leaning on the bench.

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  1. Your writing is very funny I love how your personality shines through. The pictures themselves are very dope. I’m very happy to see how you guys all worked together good job everyone!

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