Assignment #4 – Flexibility in Digital Storytelling

One project that caught my attention while surfing through the ds106 assignment repository was this pixel assignment. The assignment calls for a drawn image in 16 by 16 pixels. I draw digitally and have always wanted to try creating pixel art, I’m interested in seeing how difficult it’ll be from how I normally draw. Some of my favorite artists, such as saaki and mhug, make the cutest pixels and I hope to be able to make something similar.

Although the assignment states that the resolution must be 16×16 pixels, I feel that it’ll limit my abilities to make a more detailed artwork and what I want to achieve will require a larger resolution size.. so chances are my pixel art will exceed the constraining size because I want to set a higher standard.

Another project that I found interesting was this event poster assignment. Initially, I wasn’t sure what kind of event I would advertise for this assignment but after peeking at some of the submissions by others, I’m overflowing with inspiration. I still don’t know how I’ll edit different images into a poster but I’m set on making one for a Chinese festival of some kind.I didn’t think I’d be interested in any of these assignments but now I’m feeling a bit excited, thinking of all the options available.

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