These two photos where taken just seconds apart from each-other. We as a group achieved the impossible of being in two places at once.  As the camera man I was stunned to see how fast they got to each spot. This is less of a picture and more of an optical illusion. Unfortunately one of our group members moved at such a speed where her body began to dematerialize. Luckily I was fast enough to capture this photo, from the naked eye it was a blur.


  1. “Where her body began to dematerialize” for some reason this made me smile like that was such a funny yet odd to write. I love how short and sweet this post is it’s fun to see everyone in class work together and be creative.

  2. I also thought that the way her body just started to blur out was cool, since it looked extraordinary. But, the group in trying to make the panoramic picture was good, as it came out as expected.

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