Memes CT101

this is one of my favorite memes right now I love Billie Eilish and her reaction here was priceless definitely one that won’t get old anytime soon. This class is literally like nothing I’ve ever taken before. I mean which Professor tells you to make memes? It’s insane!! But anyways here’s a few fun memes I made for class.

this is a big meme from the NBA All Star games from like two weeks I believe this one is a modern classic already. As soon as I saw this pic on Twitter I had to save it and use it for my own benefits.

This one seems so weak I wasn’t hesitant to share it but for my meme gallery I have set up here I wanted to share another one of my all time favorites right now. This meme of Tom Hanks is perfect it’s so funny with the golden globes story attached and without. The caption I made does actually capture what I feel about the class of CT 101.


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