How flexible is art? Let’s find out

So this CT101 stuff is kinda dope won’t even lie

I think the best part about CT101 is that it doesn’t even feel like I’m sitting in a regular class at York. Of course I’m sitting in a regular computer lab filled with fellow peers, but I’m doing things like using gifs and making memes. I mean, does it get any better than this?

I take this class just as seriously as my other classes, I guess it just doesn’t seem like “work” because I’ve been around memes and gifs for so long it’s a natural thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot as well. Such as making this very relatable meme in Photoshop

These are memes I’ve made using a meme-generating website

However I wanted to switch over to the DS106 Repository portion of this blog post

One interesting assignment was to make a poem about a famous painting from Edgar Degas called In A Café 

This is the picture:

Here is my poem:

I sit and I wait, as the smoke wafts about

The music is different but the song goes the same way

I can hear the people but I can’t make out what they’re saying

This drink doesn’t taste the same anymore

Men prowl about the place and I sit

And I wait until it’s time to go

When the rum is gone and the light fizzles out

We can go home, cold hands touching briefly on the way out


Another assignment that I hope to learn to do is something like this one.

It’s basically where you take an existing movie poster and make a more silly one while incorporating different types of text and pictures. I know I can definitely do this on Photoshop, I just need to actually play around with it actually and learn how to copy and paste other images over existing images and things of that sort.

But that’s all for now guys, my eyes are burning and I’m exhausted so see ya!

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