Assignment #4 [Flexibility in Digital Storytelling]

The link above is an assignment from the respiratory. This particular assignment is an audio assignment that requires you to do a voice over of a song of your choice with a funny voice. This is something that I could do because I already can do voice impressions and am planning on being a voice actor. This is also something that I do to mess with my friends from time to time. The following video is a recent upload from one of my favorite Youtubers and is an example of what this assignment is.

The link above is an assignment from the respiratory that requires you to make a movie trailer. This is something that I would like to learn because I feel like this would help me as a theater major/commutation technology minor. I also think that this is something I would have a lot of fun doing once I get the hang of it. To do this however I might have to learn how to use Photoshop properly as well as other editing software.

I think that we should do about 2 to 3 assignments like these throughout the semester simply because of the fact that some of the skills required to do these assignments could be used in other classes and might help us get a job in the future. I think that these skills will be important only for some people, especially if they choose to go into a more creative field after college.

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