Art Flexibility??

Content that I CAN Create:

So far, I enjoyed making animated gifs most in this class. I think the reason is that you can basically choose a gif to start from then add your own flare to it. Making gifs seems easier for me to do then photo shopping an image on the computer.

Content that I have TROUBLE Creating:

During the last two classes, the assignment was to create memes. We all love memes, so I thought this would be a fun experience. It was fun but yet complicated at the same time. For me, I had a lot of ideas to choose from but at the same time I was having trouble getting used to using Photoshop on the computer. I can make edits on my phone, but on the computer was a whole other story.


Content that I look FORWARD to Creating:

I was scrolling through the visuals assignments and I came across one that caught my attention. It has to do editing the colors of an image. I can maybe take my own photos and enhance the color and make that my project. I feel as though I can maybe bring out my ‘editing’ talents and see what kind of art I can produce. Now thinking about this project, I’m actually getting really excited with all the ideas flowing in my head currently.

Image result for coloring changing a scenery
This is an example of color enhancing I would like to produce.



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  1. Hi Rebecca! I have looked through everyone’s blog of course. I do like other classmate’s blogs as well, but yours really does inspire me. I love how you uses many gifs and memes in your posts. It makes it more enjoyable to read as well. I also looked through some of your other posts and I like how you ad about your daily life and what happened throughout your day.

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