Flexibility of Digital Storytelling projects


I found this assignment on the DS106 Animated Gift assignment page. When I first saw it, I loved it right away because of how interesting the background of pony town and just a TMI pony town is my cousin’s favorite! And I think the gift was ridiculously funny but really rich in art and creativity. I always think some people are really amazing just by having this thought. I think in order to recreate this gift. I need to learn how to create gifts. So, I learned how to create a gift which we made a few weeks ago. But more in a productive and not just adding words like what I created for my “gifts” . I think the background of pony town is the gift and they add stickers of Eastwood.


I found this assignment on the DS106 visual gift. I actually had done edit a picture of my favorite artists into my selfie before. It’s complicated to describe how I managed to replace my fav artist with my selfie. So technically, I try my best to crop the picture and replace it with my selfie as if we took a picture together. Of course in this assignment the edits are obvious and we can see how the person cropped Taylor swift’s body and replaced it in a forest?

I think it’s interesting and fun to create some of this art work. In my personal experience, I used my photo to edit pictures with an application on my phone. And when we create our own meme and use Photoshop I couldn’t stand it because I personally think it’s harder to use computers to do the edits. Maybe because I am not used to computers, That’s why I prefer the phone because I am exposed to it. I’m just hoping this class will give me comfort using Photoshop on the computer. These skills are important and develop our edits skills but, I have to say I don’t need that much information.


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