Assignment #4

The Project That I Could Do:

I chose to do this project because its something that we already did in class very recently and is really simple to do, especially if you have access to a good GIF editor. You really don’t need to know much on how to do this assignment, but you do need to know how to copy and paste pictures and URLs into an editor and just need basic computing skills. I think we would be doing more projects like these in the semester, since everything nowadays is about virtual pictures and photography. These skills are important in today’s world, since if you know how to take something and modify it to the point that it looks more better, it would make you seem better than everyone else.

The Project That I Can’t Do:

I chose to do this project because its very interesting to use graphic design on how to design an identity and how you can use it to show other people who you are. What I think I need to learn on how to do it is that I need to know a little bit about web design, coding, Photoshop skills, etc. I think we would be doing at least one project like this in the semester. This skill is important to learn, as in today’s world when you go work for a company, they are going to need people that could design them websites and any online platforms that could express their company and that could reach out to potential customers. And knowing how to do this could help you land a job that you want somewhere in the designing industry.


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