The Art of Memeing

So let me tell you why Memes are definitely a type of art.

first of all, you can use memes to express yourself just like people do with paintings and writings.

Memes are like collages, you put different already existing sources together, put some text over it and voila! it’s a meme, collages work the same way though they don’t necessarily have to have texts.

Memes and art don’t necessarily need to be realistic nor beautiful to the eyes, they both can be abstract and still people can relate to them. That’s why I think memes are artistic

Me when people say memes aren’t art:

I also love using memes as reactions because memes come in gif formats too and they are really good at expressing emotions.

Of course, I’ve already posted this before but my favorite meme react of all time is still Yellow diamond from Steven universe. Hold on let me turn it into a meme context:

professors: “your health is important”

also professors: “I don’t give makeup works, so don’t be absent”

very sick me:

There are some really good meme formats that are not in the gif version. These are some of my favorites (clean templates):

Image result for meme templates

I use this one a lot cause I love collecting anime stuff.

Image result for meme templatesImage result for meme templates

Image result for meme templatesImage result for meme templatesImage result for meme templatesImage result for meme templates

I also love that anyone can make memes and people can make so many memes with just one template. No need to face copyrights, it’s free for everyone to use.

Also, I made my first memes ever. I’m so proud of it. Be proud of me. c:

so yes I do believe memes are art. I rest my case.  Now I can go work on my psych paper :’)

Here are three more songs I’ve been listening to this week, check it out:



4 thoughts on “The Art of Memeing”

  1. Hey Wahida, I totally agree with you that memes are art! I really liked the 2 memes you made to express your inner conscious of struggling to choose between CT101 or your psychology assignment. Also your choice of music isn’t really bad I really liked the 1st one with imagine dragon.

    1. Hey thanks Saiho! I know I have great tastes in music, you should listen to all of them~ ^_^ I post 3 songs on every post I make. Let me know what you think. :3

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