Is meme art?

Some may think otherwise but I believe that meme is a form of art. Why I say this?  Because the definition of art is expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” What this is saying is that art is what humans create in order to express themselves. With that being said memes are what we would describe as “art”. I think memes require a certain skill level just as many other forms of art. I mean everyone can make a meme but everyone can’t make a funny or relatable meme. Just like every other form of art memes also can be a form of self expression not only for the creator but also for the viewer. For the creators they have a voice to speak to a broad audience about something funny or something that everyone can relate too. And for the viewers; like myself, we look at memes and we share the memes that relates most to ourselves.

Down below are going to be some of my favorite memes

These are some memes that I had created for this class: ps. I’m not that good at making memes.

I hope you guys enjoy the memes I had posted. Even though i’m not good at making memes.

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  1. Hi Enaya,
    I agree with everything you have said.
    Memes are art period..
    Funny and expressive memes. Good 👍👍👍 .

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