Flexibility in the kinds of digital storytelling

This first assignment I chose is to make a recreation of my own family. Every since I was young and watched this more than once I’ve always related it to my family so I think it would be cool to recreate it using our pictures. To do this project I think I need to learn how to Photoshop pictures into another picture, making sure it doesn’t look like the previous picture was there to begin with.


This other project I chose was to tell a story using five pictures, i think this would be a fun project to do. I already love taking pictures so this shouldn’t be as bad or hard to accomplish. But of course still gotta learn some more skill on how to edit and the right app to use to make it less of a hassle.


For both projects I think they would be something fun to do and in order to get better at them or learn how to do it in the first place (Photoshop), it would takes practice and more practice, so i’d hope I’m able to do it as much as I want in order to learn the skill/s. I think its important and not important to learn how to Photoshop or anything in that field, its all based on the person. It is a useful skill to learn but also if you rather a raw picture and you’re not into these things, then I don’t see why its important but if you want to spice up your raw photo just a bit then it is important, besides that its important to learn in order to pass the class (insert corny smiley face).

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