GIFS: Why I love them and why you should too

Soooo I know this is super late (sorry Ryan)

But I loooooove gifs, whenever I find THAT one I be like

But look, I’m here to tell you my thoughts on CT101 so far

And tbh

I didn’t know what a digital storytelling class would be like so I hesitated on taking the class, but then Professor Michael Smith raved about it so you already know I was saying to myself

Upon arriving on my first day, not gonna lie I woke up like

Having to wake up early and take that packed J train to York, I’m pretty sure some of ya’ll know the feels

Anyways, like I was talking about before: CT101 I personally thought Ryan did a great job of describing how we’d implement tools we have at the touch of our fingertips to provide content on different formats. He said that we all content creators even through the small things we do like posting on our Instagram story for example.


It’s honestly so refreshing to have a class with a more modern approach and for that I appreciate this class so much!! I’ve also never had a class strictly on a site like WordPress.

Also Ryan is such a helpful instructor! He’s gotten so many good reviews from tooons of students and probably doesn’t even realize it

So now every Tuesday I come to class


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