Are Memes Art?

Are memes art? When I ask myself this question I always Think about the craziest things I have seen that people constitute as art. Things like this painting come up as an example.

To think people would think that this artwork made by famous artist Andy Warhol would constitute as fine art. If that is the case then this is also art Art to me is a form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy. There are no limitations on what art can be. As long as it creates positive connections and enjoyment among our peers. When we use our imagination anything is possible with art and that is one of the reasons why this bouncing Campbells can Gif exists.

These are some of my favorite memes As well as My meme

One thought on “Are Memes Art?”

  1. hey! I just wanted to say that I like the example that you picked. It really does show that art can be just about anything. I also find it cool how you were able to find a gif so similar to help you prove your point which I also agree with. I remember finding this piece of artwork in my highschool and think wow this is art?

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