meme is art!

I think memes are art! because memes can be another form of communication. For example, by sending other people memes we don’t really need to express by words we can express through picture, gift, stickers, emoji of memes. There are meanings out of all the memes that express thought and opinion just in a very simple way like picture + words. we can relate to these memes and it give sense of comfort. even though some of them pic is people, animal, fruit, animations. etc

there are so many art work that looks like a scratched but the value of it is massive!!!

When we got to work in class to Photoshop the picture that we’re working on. I come to think memes are not only a bored person who happened to create memes. It takes time and creativity to make people interested in the work we are currently doing. When I was working on my meme, it tooks so much time only to put “caption” maybe it’s only me because I am not exposed to Photoshop in general. But of course, we have to learn something from the beginning to do something amazing.

in my other class I have test already

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  1. Nah, I can definitely relate to my other classes and CT101. (lol) Meme’s are a form of communication, and it can it some ways be more understanding then just getting a plain simple text that does not give any expression. Nice post.

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