are memes are? Matrix fact

In last session of our CT101 lecture, professor were highly recommending the Matrix movies and saying how much amused he was after watching the Matrix movies……… I never watched these movies before, but professor asked to watch these movies and give him feed backs.

This post is about my matrix movies experience……….

I have already watched first 2 of these movies, but still could not understand the purpose of these movies, or what they were trying to prove…

My choices of movies are really not Matrix kind, I am bassically into the detective or war story based movies. Maybe this is the reason why I did not understand the Matrix movies……


Story of Matrix movies are not realistic, at least not to me. These movies were from around year 2000, after almost 20 years these does not seems realistic to me. Maybe our grand kids will find them realistic.



It might required lots of tech knowledge to understand the matrix movies, which I do not have…………………….

These memes represents some of the weird scene from the movie…..



Sorryyyyyyyyyy professor, if I disappoint you………..

4 thoughts on “are memes are? Matrix fact”

  1. Haha, thanks so much for watching! And, also writing you assignment with the Movie as the subject!
    If you recall, in class I mentioned the 1st Matrix movie was my favorite, it is the most raw and under-processed compared to the others.

    The movie is written is Metaphors, meaning, there is an underlying theme that is present through out the movie, especially for NEO. The film is about “Belief” and how that asks US to question it within ourselves :))))

    1. Yes. I did understand that part, as the movie were referring to some kind of super tech machine and super tech human. But the reason why I did not liked it is those theme and the story is not realistic. But if I think about entertainment fact, then yes it was pretty much entertaining.

        1. to be honest, no. I am actually more into the fighting movies, real fighting. Not the kind of fighting new played in the Matrix

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