Assignment #3 – Memes

“Are memes ART?”

Art, by definition, is anything that evokes emotion through an expression of skill or imagination that may take form in a visual, audible or performed artifact. Essentially, anything may be termed as art with conceptual art coming into play.

As such, memes shouldn’t lose to a duct taped banana. Memes are used to express all kinds of emotions, similar to how a banana on a wall may convey the feelings of.. confusion? Perhaps the feeling that we stray further from God every day.

I think memes may even be a more valid form of art than some fruit nonsense. From last week’s photoshop lesson, we can say that the layout of a meme is a significant aspect to communicating a thought or feeling. When creating a meme, a font’s color, size, style and placement are taken into consideration. This is no different than the elements of art; texture, form, space, shape, color, value and line. In short, memes are art that are used as self expression albeit a different form than traditional painting or sculpting.

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