Are Meme’s Art??


Are meme’s art?  I mean  slapping some  words  on  an  picture  is  not  really  art.  Anyone  can  do  that. Just  look  at  these  little kids….they  do  it  all  day!  Now  when  people  edit meme’s and  add  to  it  I believe  that  is  art.

This is a good form of communication,  because it can express EXACTLY what we feel in a form of a message. This can be a form of self-expression due to the fact we can edit in or out  words or phrases to match exactly how we feel. We probably find people who feel the same way. It also makes for a good laugh.






Some of my favorite meme’s are…..















Now here is my CT101 meme…….

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  1. I definitely agree with you on it being a form of communication and a way to express yourself. And i”m a meme person who definitely enjoyed the memes you shared as your favorites.

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