2 thoughts on “Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do”( Project ideas)

This is my first thought on the project https://ct101.us/2019/10/15/photoshop-battles-remakes-2/ . This is an Example of PhotoShopBattle how the soccer ball placed next the individual face.

This is another example.

original picture

this is the remade one

I want to learn how to move the same picture to different background images in Adobe Photoshop. I believed this is an interesting project to learn in class or similar projects  to learn along the semester.

Learning how remade image from the original or add background picture seems really fun!  I believed this skills are so important for anyone who would like to exceed in  design ,web development, and so forth.

This is my second thought  on the project. for instance this one:

This picture can be view in different angle .

Overall, these are my thoughts!

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