Flexibility in Digital Storytelling Project Assignment #4


As for my project for CT101, one image that I have found in DS106 was


This image has inspired me because I have always wanted to know how to integrate multicolor design amongst a single image or a piece of art. I believe it makes an image more exciting and interesting that way since it will be viewed in multicolor. I also believe that is it possible for me to mimic this piece of art as I have some knowledge of photoshop to do something like this. In addition, I assume the tools that I would need to know and advance in to create an image like this is to be knowledgable in photoshop as I could manipulate the picture to be colorful than it already is. By learning this skill, I will try to incorporate these skills into all my assignments to have a unique flow to my projects. In addition, I think it is a useful tool to learn for a person because if they want to incorporate colors to an image that may or may not have color, they can create something new that a person as not witness beforehand with this skill.


Additionally, I believe the knowledge I would have to know overall to help me do my project are what are the proper steps and software I would have to use to make my own wonderful creations? Also, I would really have to be patient while learning the art of editing, photoshop, and video work as they are not easy skills to learn and it requires a lot of patience and time to master them.


Moreover, on the lines of the number of times I should do these types of assignments, I assume is as much as possible in order to be comfortable with them. So, I truly believe that I think I should do these types of assignments every week to be familiar with the skills I want to know as well as storytelling and learning new tools. I firmly agree that the more I do it the less time I would feel stuck and feel comfortable with those techniques. I consider these skills to be extremely important because they help tell a story with visual representation and it makes the story feel real for the audience who are viewing them. I feel like it is an essentially important ability that can be useful to people who can incorporate it anywhere that they see fit.

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