Assignment #3 Are Memes Art?

Are memes art? Well, I don’t really know…Tom is shrugging because he is not sure.

Cat Reaction GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cats don’t talk but you can basically interpret the message as no because it is shaking it’s head.


My favorite meme that i recently found while browsing through reddit.

Im Hired how are you from memes

Meme is art in a sense that you are communicating with the world about how you interpret what you see. For example the above picture shows a picture of some cartoon character dancing because if you read the joke above you can see he’s been hired for the job he is interviewing for which is why he is dancing. It is up to the viewer who see’s the meme to interpret it and many people have different interpretations of what different art means to them.

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