Are Memes Art? Assignment #4

I undoubtedly believe memes are art in every way, shape, and form. They are a form of expression in which a person does not have to say anything about how they feel in order for people to understand them. Although memes could be perceived as minor edits that are made for laughter, all art does not have a significant meaning or prompt for it to be considered art. Art comes in many forms and I highly believe that they are not any specific category that art follows. In addition, I feel like it is a good thing that memes exist because it helps bring people together in relatable topics and subjects. Many of the times, people who laugh at memes can sympathize with the subject as it has happened to them or someone they know and it makes it more humorous when they could share it with others who relate to it as well.

Furthermore, memes are a reflection of self-expression and communication as people do not really have to speak with one another to communicate; yet they can literally send memes to each other and it can be considered a conversation. As for self-expression, many memes that are on the internet are created by individuals who feel a specific way and share it with others in hopes that other people can relate to the same feeling. Many times, memes are a good way to connect with new people and have effective communication.

(CT101 MEME)

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